Inter Club Competition

Inter Club Competition Monday 24th November 2014

Evesham Stratford Studley

Vale of Evesham won with 268 points Stratford Photo Group were second with 266 points and we were third with 246

Individual scores were:-


Escape by Tony Hopkins 14
Good Catch by Rosemary Morris 15
Old Harry Rocks by John Kirk 17
On Lead Guitar by Damian Sollis 13
Reedbed Sentinel by Dave Merry 18
Roosting Common Blues (Pollyommaus icarus) by John Kirk 17
The joys of Rafting by Eric Weaver APAGB 15
Windmills by Tony Finch 16

Total 125


Curlew by Bas Yates 17
Fallow Deer by Rosemary Morris 19
Fly Agaric by Rosemary Morris 15
Kid under a Lid by John Govier 13
Lakeland Farm by Eric Weaver APAGB 14
Racing for the Line by Dave Merry 16
Three rocks and Sand by Tony Hopkins 14
Woodland Walk by Damian Sollis 13

Total 121

Midland Bank Trophy

Midland Bank Trophy, held on December 10th 2014

Studley 233, Bromsgrove 237 and Redditch 254

Six Societies Interclub
Held at Kings Norton 18th Feb

1st Kings Norton (hosts) with 108 points
2nd Bromsgrove with 91 points
3rd Wythall with 90 points
4th Studley and Redditch both with 87 point

Interclub Competition 11th March 2015 Studley v Droitwich Spa

Judge Malcolm Ranieri

Prints Studley 148 Droitwich Spa 169

Digital Studley 155 Droitwich Spa 183

Total Scores Studley 303 Droitwich Spa 352

Glass Cutter by Eric Weaver 14
Evening Swans by Rosemary Morris 17
Winter Livestock by Dave Merry 14
Lake End by Erica Clarkson 14
Twilight Hunter by Bas Yates 18
Mind The Gap by Brian Perkins 17
A Boy a Bridge a Corricle by John Govier 13
Storm at Newtrain Bay by John Kirk 13
Green Woodpecker (Picas Verdis) by Rosemary Morris 13
The Pines by Robert Clarckson 15

Ballanced Attitude by John Govier 15
Battle of Mother Nature by Damian Sollis 15
December at Trecco Bay by Damian Sollis 14
Fallow Deer Stag by Bas Yates 15
Frosty Morn by Pete Watson 15
Glistening Inkcap by Dave Merry 16
Lakeland Light by Robert Clarkson 16
London by Night by Brian Perkins 18
Out of the Picture by Dave Merry 16
Reflected by Robert Clarkson 15


Print Competition N.A. Taylor Cup

1st Place Eric Weaver 37 points
2nd Place Rosemary Morris 34 points
3rd Place Dave Merry 32 points
= 4th Place Brian Perkins 30
= 4th Place John Kirk 30

Digital Competition

1st Place Bas Yates 44 points
= 2nd Place Brian Perkins 35 points
= 2nd Place Damian Sollis 35 points
3rd Place Rosemary Morris 33 points

Combined Competition Ted Seymor Trophy

1st Place Bas Yates 73 points
2nd Place Rosemary Morris 67 points
3rd Place Brian Perkins 65 points
4th Place Dave Merry 62 points
5th Place Damian Sollis 60 points