1st John Kirk with Storm at Newtrain Bay

2nd On the Bend by Tony Hopkins

3rd Rosemary with Evening Swans Highly


Endleaf by John Govier,

Fallow Deer by Rosemary,

Foreshore below Morfa Mawr,

Twighlight Hunter by Bas Yates,

Trees by Robert Clarkson.


Causey Pike by Brian Perkins,

The Glass Worker by Eric Weaver APAGB,

Church window Detail by Erica Clarkson,

Dunrovin' by Dave Merry

The old wooden Boat by Brian Perkins

Woodland Fungi by Damian Sollis


1st Damian Sollis with Battle of Mother Nature

2nd Balanced Attitude by John Govier

3rd Glass Cutter by Eric Weaver APAGB

Highly Commended

Glistening Inkcap by Dave Merry,

Clouds in the Evening by Brian Perkins,

Reflected by Robert Clarkson,

Panther Cap by Dave Merry,

Hunting Short Eared Owl by Bas Yates

The old House by Brian Perkins.


Going Home by Brian Perkins,

Bee and Chickory by Bas Yates,

One room Vacant by John Govier,

Sand sea and Mist by Erica Clarkson

The old wooden Boat by Brian Perkins

Frosty Reflections by Damian Sollis



Prints scores

1st Tony Hopkins on 25

2nd Rosemary Morris on 24

3rd Eric Weaver APAGB on 23

4th Damian Sollis on 22

5th John Kirk on 21

6th Dave Merry and John Govier on 20

7th Brian Perkins and Bas Yates on 18

8th Robert Clarkson on 7

9th Erica Clarkson on 6

10th Tony Finch on 5



1st Bas Yates on 32

2nd Brian Perkins on 29

3rd Rosemary Morris on 26

4th Damian Sollis on 23

5th John Kirk on 22

6th Dave Merry on 20

7th John Govier on 18

8th Eric Weaver APAGB on 14

9th Tony Finch on 11

10th John Ruffell on 10

11th Robert Clarkson on 7 equal

12th Tony Hopkins and Erica Clarkson on 6

13th Pete Watson on 3

14th David Bryant on 2



Combined Print & DPI


1st Rosemary Morris and Bas Yates on 50

2nd Brian Perkins on 47

3rd Damian Sollis on 45

4th John Kirk on43

5th Dave Merry on 40

6th John Govier on 38

7th Eric Weaver APAGB on 37

8th Tony Hopkins on 31

9th Tony Finch on16

10th Robert Clarkson on 14

11th Erica Clarkson on 12