Competition Entry Rules

1. Paid up members can enter up to 3 prints and 3 projected images in each monthly competition.

2. Competition prints and slides must not be more than two years old. Any entry receiving 1st 2nd or 3rd will be excluded from entering future club competitions except Print & Projected Image of the Year and 3 of a Kind. Commended or highly commended can only be entered once more in a monthly competition.

3. Awards 1st,2nd,3rd, Highly Commended & Commended will be given marks 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4 respectively. All others will receive 1 mark each Entries must be submitted by the date announced or they may be excluded. Copyright must belong to the author.

4. Any digitally enhanced work will be accepted providing that the original source material is the work of the author.

5. Maximum mount size including print is 20” x 16”. Minimum size including print is 12” x 10”. Maximum mount thickness 4mm. this rule applies to all club competitions.

6. Digital Images must be in the form of .jpeg files size 1024x768px or larger, provided on cd or flash drive, on or before the last date for entries as the digital show has to be assembled by the Competition Secretary BEFORE the night of the competition - late entries will not be accepted!

7. Rules will be made available to the judge.

8. Trophies are the property of the club and cannot be won outright.

9. The judge’s decision will be final.

10. Anything not covered by these rules can be dealt with by the Committee or the Competition Secretary.

11. Print & Projected image of the Year Trophies: 3 of the 4 monthly competitions must have been entered for authors to be eligible to enter these competitions. Maximum entry 4 slides and 3 prints per author.

12. 3 of a Kind Competition: Panels of 3 prints and Panels of 3 images on a single .jpg (size as in rule 7), on a related theme. 4 entries per member, allowed. See also rule 11.

13. Anything not covered by these rules see rule 11